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What to do in Belize Cruise port?

Yesterday was THE most beautiful day to visit Belize City. Bright warm sun, but cool in the shade. I was wearing my long sleeved shirt and North Face windbreaker, visitors, bikini tops and shorts. I took the 830am San Pedro Express Water Taxi from San Pedro to the city. One hour and 15 minutes. To visit the cruise ship village on its most busy day, Thursday. A three ship day in the harbor day. (You can see one of them in this picture below…off behind the fishing boats.)

Ft. George Village is the first stop for all visitors that are getting off the cruise ships in Belize. So technically, it is the most visited place in Belize. By far! So how can I write a blog about Belize without visiting this hot spot? This hub? Makes no sense. In fact, I’m starting to get more and more questions from cruise ship visitors. Time to get in and take a look around.

One note of warning: I have never been on a cruise and I’ve never really wanted to. I don’t really like crowds, it takes me a few days to get a real feel for a destination and…I don’t really like crowds!

Now that THAT is out there…Here was my on view as I pulled in. It’s almost like a closed in mall on the Belize Water front. Lots of docks, bars, shops…

Looks pretty good to me. And Belize City really looked gorgeous yesterday. The view across the river. The one that thousands of cruisers were seeing from their bar stools yesterday. Beautiful, right?

When I got off the water taxi, I headed toward the village and Security Entrance #2. There were quite a few people on the streets, people trying to sell crafts, hair braiding, tours LOTS OF CITY TOURS, horse and buggy rides…

The tender boats were coming in fast and furious.

There were plenty of photo ops around the area…

And quite a few shops…

I think these three are pretty standard issue for cruise ship ports. Expensive!

A bunch of pharmacies selling a wide array of things…

from 30 packs of Viagra for $90US to Lipitor to lots of antibiotics.

Three cheers for self medication? Hmmm…what the heck is Maxalt?Something more up my alley. There is a LARGE chocolate shop that does Belizean chocolates. I had high hopes for this place…

And I finally settled into what I think it is the STAR of the cruise ship area…The Wet Lizard. A fun, funky, casual hodge podge of bar signs, brightly painted decor with a great view, reasonably priced beers and a desire to make the visitors have a great time.

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